ReGreen understands that our clients expect us to deliver sustainable solutions with the most financial value and meaningful environmental impact. As a result, we customize each project based on your needs and desires, and keep you at the center throughout the design process.

Our turnkey solutions provide flexibility and peace of mind, which allow you to focus on your business while we do the heavy lifting. ReGreen’s team of experts make the process of going solar a simple and exciting experience.

Benefits of Going Solar

Solar PV and Solar Thermal reduces your carbon footprint and dependence on off-site power generation all while saving you money. Switching to solar puts you well on your way to clean energy independence.

Key Benefits…

  • Take advantage of state and federal tax incentives ranging up to 74%
  • Realize significant energy savings and utility cost reduction
  • Rely less on the grid and more on the sun
  • Reduce harmful CO2 emissions
  • Minimize or eliminate the effect of rising energy cost
  • Utilize rebates to help pay for your project cost
  • Save our planet!

Design to Installation

Our turnkey services have you covered throughout all stages of a solar project cycle. From design to installation ReGreen plans every detail in house avoiding the typical breakdown of communication from dealing with too many layers of contractors and consultants.

Our services include…

  • Site Audit & Analysis
  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Financial Analysis
  • Financing
  • Rebates & Incentives
  • Project Management & Installation
  • Energy Monitoring & Maintenance

Our Process


ReGreen will provide you with a complimentary analysis for one or more of your commercial properties upon request.

Regardless of the size of your business, utilizing solar energy will offset your energy costs and reduce your utility bills.


Our Process

Save money. Save energy. Save the planet.