ReGreen Services

What We Do

Our services cover you from the design phase throughout the life of your system. ReGreen’s ecosystem of solutions, coupled with our services, is the most cost effective and sustainable way to approach any project. Whether a retrofit, remodel, or new construction, ReGreen guides you every step of the way. Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient lighting, sustainable power, and intelligent controls.

Site Analysis

Onsite or virtual energy and design audit to determine the best solutions for your project.


System design and product specifications addressing your needs and concerns.


Identify and secure available rebates and incentives to offset your initial investment.


Completion of your project safely and within budget by our qualified team of installers.

Project Management

Ensures your project maintains the highest level of quality and safety.


Tuning your system to ensure it operates as attended for years to come.


Periodic system checkup to ensure it’s healthy and performing to specifications.


Preventative service to keep your system running at maximum efficiency.



ReGreen provides you with unique lighting solutions designed to meet and exceed your energy goals, improve visual environments, and increase the overall profitability of your business. We accomplish this by combining innovative thinking with state-of-the-art technology and designed expertise.

Electrical Solutions


ReGreen is a fully licensed electrical company providing electrician services to businesses of all proportions. We are ready to help with service calls, building updates and new construction. Connect with the ReGreen team to start a conversation about your project.



Intelligent controls change the way your facility consumes energy and operates. Combining lighting, electrical, and intelligent control solutions with ReGreen provides you with unmatched integration, precision, cost efficiency, and support.