Lighting Controls

Optimum Performance and Undeniable Savings

ReGreen’s intelligent control solutions keep your building running efficiently and ensure no energy is wasted. Using the latest in controls technology, we create a dynamic atmosphere that responds to your daily activities and needs. Ask us about our touchless systems.

Intelligence that Breathes Life into Your Building

While most buildings require constant manual interaction, our designs create a proactive and reactive environment. Whether turning on and off lights based on occupancy, dimming according to daylight, color shifting based on the time of day, shutting on and off switch loads, controlling the temperature, or responding to emergencies, our systems take control of your space while you focus on productivity.

Turnkey Solution

Whether your project is large or small, ReGreen has you covered from start to finish. Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits of a dynamically controlled environment.

Design Expertise

In-House Installers

Qualified Project Management

Flexible Payment Options