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Better Lighting.

ReGreen provides you with unique lighting solutions designed to meet and exceed your energy goals, improve visual environments, and increase the overall profitability of your business. We accomplish this by combining innovative thinking with state-of-the-art technology and designed expertise.

Designed To Enhance Your Experience.

We pride ourselves in not sacrificing quality and visual experience for energy savings. Our lighting consultation and design team serve to help your business improve productivity, safety, and sales while providing significant energy savings.

LED Lighting post installation by ReGreen at Automobile Driving Museum

Turnkey Solutions.

Whether it’s a Retrofit, Remodel, or New Construction, ReGreen has you covered from start to finish. Let us do the heavy lifting, while you enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient lighting.

Our Services.

  • Energy Audit & Analysis

  • Design & Engineering

  • Rebates & Incentives

  • Project Management

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  • Installation

  • Energy Management

  • Financing

  • Maintenance

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