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Project Description

Marin Tennis Club partnered with ReGreen to complete LED lighting upgrades across 5 illuminated and 3 non-illuminated courts. The goal of this project was to save energy while increasing visibility by utilizing high efficacy LED luminaires, glare control techniques, ensuring even lighting distribution across the courts, and decreasing energy usage with greener energy alternatives.

The project consisted of replacing of 1,000-watt metal-halide fixtures with 640-watt energy efficient LED fixtures on a total of 8 tennis courts. In addition, brand new electrical and light poles were installed to transform non-illuminated tennis courts into illuminated courts.

ReGreen developed multiple design options to determine the best optics, color temperature, lumen output and mounting angles. These unique designs allowed for controlled glare, enhanced player experience and better overall visibility.

Marin County, California

Results Delivered

  • Lighting Energy Reduction: 41%

  • Utility Savings: $5,900 k/yr.

  • Reduced Maintenance: $2,900 k/yr.

  • Rebates & Incentives: $6,400 k/yr.

  • Enhanced Player Experience


Marin Tennis Club




ReGreen, Inc.

CO2 Reduction

Acres of Trees Planted
Vehicle Taken Off The Road
Homes Powered

Project Gallery

Aerial view of three tennis courts at Marin Country Club lit up by LED Lights installed by ReGreen

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