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Project Description

USA, California

Whole Foods Market partners with ReGreen for a complete energy efficient upgrades of its lighting throughout their Southern Pacific Region. As part of the design process, ReGreen performed lighting and energy assessments at each store along with an analysis of the visual environments.

ReGreen developed custom lighting packages for each store that saved Whole Foods Market over 56% in energy usage, reduced maintenance cost, and created a more exciting experience for customers. In addition, these designs display vibrant colors, control glare, and increase safety at task locations throughout the stores.

Results Delivered

  • Lighting EnergyReduction: 56%

  • Utility Savings: $1.4M/yr.

  • Reduced Maintenance: $550k/yr.

  • Rebates & Incentives: $530k/yr.

  • Enhanced Visual Environments

  • Payback: 3 years

Project Details


Whole Foods Market




ReGreen Inc.

CO2 Reduction

Acres of Trees Planted
Vehicle Taken Off The Road
Homes Powered

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