ReGreen and the California Solar & Storage Association

ReGreen and the California Solar & Storage Association

Our Membership

ReGreen has always placed the planet and people before profits. Our work inspires and promotes positive change in the world. As a member of the California Solar & Storage Association, we support and believe in their mission to promote the widespread deployment of smart, local and clean energy technologies and establish a sustainable industry for a clean energy future. We are humbled to be a member of such a prestigious organization and are grateful to contribute to the growth and development of local solar energy and storage.

The Organization

Founded in 1977, the nonprofit trade association partners with companies who strive to create a better future for clean energy in their communities. They believe in the strength in numbers and therefore, their partnerships include a wide variety of businesses throughout the state of California. With more than 500 members, their membership roster contains businesses in different industry segments with a shared objective of providing smart, local energy. Collaboration is key to the success of the California Solar & Storage Association.

The Passion

Staff and members advocate for various causes that identify with the association’s mission. Despite the fact that they bolster numerous principles, their program focuses on 5 specific areas. Protecting net metering, developing fair time of use rates, lowering soft costs, making solar heating and cooling a core piece of California’s strategy for reducing natural gas and electricity use, and making solar energy and storage accessible to all. It’s important to note that the association utilizes several techniques to advocate for their main goal through all levels of government. Some of the methods used are lobbying, policy development, networking, education, community events, and a strongly enforced code of ethics.

Find Out More

The California Solar & Storage Association has 6 active regional chapters in the state of California. Those regions include, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Sacramento, Central Valley, San Diego and North Bay. To find out more head to their website at

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