ReGreen to Install 1,982 Solar Panels in San Fernando Valley’s First Solar Mobile Park Installation

ReGreen is partnering with The Summit mobile home community to develop the first solar mobile park installation in the history of the San Fernando Valley.  The solar system’s 1,982 panels will add 594.6 kilowatts of power to the park and work in parallel with the utility grid during the day. The complex engineering project will feature ground mounts, panels mounted along the community’s hillside terrain, and an array of solar carports that will run adjacent to the tennis courts, RV parking area, and proposed recreation facility.

The installation, which will commence by the end of this month, will produce a wide range of benefits for both the mobile park owners and their residents. In addition to lowering utility rates for residents, The Summit will save an estimated $215,000 in energy savings every year, offset energy by one third, and generate an estimated $1.9 million in tax benefits. Find out how ReGreen helped The Summit reduce their energy bills and how we can help your business do the same, by speaking with a ReGreen Energy Consultant.

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