ReGreen Teams Up with SPURR to Bring LED Lighting Projects to California Public Education Agencies

ReGreen, in collaboration with School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR), is excited to introduce a new LED lighting and controls program for California public schools and universities. ReGreen was awarded a master contract following a competitive bidding process. Invitations were sent out to qualified vendors and after numerous proposals were submitted, ReGreen was selected as the contractor with the best overall value. Applicants were evaluated based on pricing, the quality of proposed products, controls offerings, company references, and additional value-add services.

ReGreen has extensive experience implementing energy efficiency projects at school districts, community colleges, and public universities across the state of California. Our partnership with SPURR will continue to help educational institutions reduce their utility bills and energy consumption significantly, improve safety and security, and enhance the overall student and staff experience throughout each campus.


ReGreen opened its doors with the idea that with our passion, expertise, and technology, we could provide clean energy solutions that make financial sense. Specializing in Lighting, Solar, and Intelligent Building Controls, ReGreen takes pride in consistently finding the balance between maximum energy savings, design, and return on investment.


School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR) aggregates purchasing power for California public education agencies and other eligible entities. They operate procurement and consulting programs for natural gas, electricity, LED lights, solar energy, telecommunications and internal networking, and expense management.


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