2018: New Year, New Goals…How About Solar Energy?

2018: New Year, New Goals…How About Solar Energy?

As 2018 approaches rapidly, companies are beginning to brainstorm their potential New Years resolutions and goals for the year.  Yesterday, Google officially announced that they are running on 100% solar energy and wind power ensuring they met their energy goal for the year that they declared back in 2016.

Let’s take a moment for that to sink in. The largest tech company on the planet, is now running on 100% renewable energy!

Companies set out every year to reach their business goals and many come up short. We understand that it’s not always cut and dry, but ask Google if running on renewables has helped them decrease cost and increase production, and they’ll say yes.

Now, while most companies aren’t Google, the point is that most companies don’t need to be; especially to see close to 100% offset energy usage. Google purchased a total of 3.6GW of renewable energy world wide. Again, we’re talking about one of the largest companies on the planet. Your company, more than likely, does not need that type of energy production to see large savings.

A major reason for reaching such an incredible milestone, Google credits a cost decrease of 60-80% in wind and solar energy as a driving factor. This means, that now is exactly the time to invest in solar energy efforts for your business. With such a substantial cost decrease and solar technology becoming more advanced, companies can begin saving quickly, produce more to eclipse  quarterly goals, and see an ROI within 3-6 years. In other words, your company can’t afford to not invest in solar energy.

For more information on Google’s milestone check out www.electrek.co‘s article here.

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