Solar energy has been powering the United States for longer than most are aware of. The idea of solar energy has been a theory since the early 1800’s, but in 1905 Albert Einstein put theory to paper. He introduced the photovoltaic effect theory in his paper titled “Concerning an Heuristic Point of View Toward the Emission and Transformation of Light.”  Einstein discovered that light contained pockets of energy that earlier scientists had not perceived. Soon after, the first photovoltaic cell was developed in 1954 at Bell Labs.

It wasn’t long after the first photovoltaic cell was developed that the U.S. government began to realize the importance of investing in this form of energy. In 1978, the Solar Photovoltaic Energy Research Development and Demonstration Act was signed into Congress. The goal of the act was to change the source of electricity from the current conventional systems to photovoltaic systems. Since that act was passed, more acts and bills have been passed in Congress, with the most substantial being the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Signed into Congress by the Obama administration, it allocated billions of dollars for renewable energy and energy efficiency developments. What an incredible way to show that solar energy has a future in the U.S.


Currently, the amount of solar power installs across the U.S. is enough to power 5.7 million average sized American homes. This number is only expected to climb as more and more people realize the power of the sun and how we can harness it. With the introduction of new renewable energy bills in the Senate, such as SB 1399, the future of solar power in the U.S. is undeniable.

The cost to install solar panels has decreased significantly as well. Dr. Elliot Berman designed a solar cell in 1970 that was significantly less expensive than the solar cells being used at the time. In 1981, the first Solar Plant began operation in Daggett, California and in 1996 the second Solar plant began operation, demonstrating a low-cost method of storing solar energy. Since then, solar cells have become more commercially available.

Most companies that install a solar panel system will see the savings and benefits within one to two years. A variety of payment options are available as well. ReGreen specializes in offering unique solutions that cater to your needs and budget as a company. Rebates and incentives can also provide a more ideal solution for your business. A few years ago, solar panels seemed a luxury that wasn’t worth the investment for many businesses, now it may be the best investment for your business. Don’t wait to make the change. Invest smart for a cleaner future today!

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