This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful For These Lighting Solutions

Ah, Thanksgiving! The time where we eat, enjoy family and friends, and oh, eat more! This holiday, we at ReGreen are thankful of our customers and for the strides that have been in solar and LED lighting energy. It has given us the opportunity to find more ways to help businesses grow. So, with that said, here are some great LED Lighting solutions that will help your business:

  1. Smart Lighting: With so many retailers hopping aboard the green energy train, companies want to give shoppers the best visual experience in their store. LED lights have helped many retailers like Wholefoods provide customers with a great visual environment that can be adjusted throughout the day to fit the mood.
  2. Lighting to Change the Vibe: LED lighting is no longer strictly for saving money. Companies in fact, are installing LED lighting into their offices strictly for design purposes. Savings are a bonus and LED lights help a dull work environment become a vibrant, fun workspace.
  3. Integrated Lights: For larger companies, it’s tiresome to keep track of lighting in your buildings and to monitor energy conservation. Luckily, LED technology allows lights in one building to communicate with the lights in another. This integrates spaces across your company in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Office managers are able to remotely monitor and control a space from wherever they may be.
  4. Self-Adjusting Lights: Lighting manufacturing companies, such as Deco lighting, understand commercial facilities constantly need to ensure they’re up to code.  They ensure their LED lights are made with the latest technology. This entails following energy efficiency guidelines and meeting energy audits. Installing smart LED lights is a way to stay up-to-date. The lighting system monitors a room’s environment and adjust accordingly. They read room temperature, occupancy, and energy use. Using those metrics the lights determine if the room is being used, and by how many. They will then automatically adjust, turning off in rooms where they’re not needed, making use of daylight if possible. This takes all of the work out of energy conservation helping your company to focus on production and growth.

If you’re eager to learn on how you can save even more, take a look at You’ll find valuable information on efficient energy solutions, savings techniques, trends, tips, and more.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Thank you for helping make ReGreen California’s premier energy solutions provider.

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